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We regard the skill of making good tests as an iterative process involving the following tasks:
Design, Distribution, Grading and Improvement.

Design: Most teachers don’t have particular knowledge about how to write questions for use in automated tests. Best practices exists but can be difficult to apply in varying contexts without some failure or potential for improvement. Is it possible to make questions that reflect and test the real knowledge of the students

Distribution: There are many things to consider concerning test distribution. When should a test take place? How many tries should be available? How to ensure flexibility? How can cheat and technical problems be avoided

Grading: Calculation of score is a non-trivial task. There are several ways to grade answers in automated tests. Reward of correct answers, punishment of wrong answers, avoiding alternatives that are mutual exclusive, etc. are some things the teacher must consider when choosing a grading strategy.

Improvement: In order to improve a test, the previous phases need to be reconsidered in light of the results and experience from the test. The teacher needs to question what went wrong, what worked, the degree of difficulty, which questions were badly formulated, test properties, overall design, grading strategy etc.

Our goals are to achieve knowledge and develop methods in order to help the teacher through these phases, and find out to which extent tests can replace traditional assessment.

To support the life cycle of tests and improve test quality we have focused on developing a web based tool JITYA.IN that records many aspects of tests that provide the grounds for test analysis.

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The tool allows the INSTITUTE / teacher to create tests with questions ranging from multiple choice to free-text.To ensure flexible problem descriptions, a question can also refer to external resources, i.e. an image, web link or a movie clip and also support multi languages .Furthermore, it is possible to write mathematical expressions in terms of Latex-code, and the tool will automatically produce the corresponding mathematical formulas as images, included among the rest of the text in the question. The same apply for everything else that can be expressed in Latex, i.e. physical and chemical formulas or mathematical formulas.

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